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About BollyZONE
BollyZONE was founded by Preeti and Vijay. Both were an integral part of one of the foremost dance groups in the bay area. They have been dancing and instructing since 2002 and have performed at various events across the bay area.
They have been actively involved with instructing / teaching choreographed dances, and participating “behind-the-scenes” for any in-house production /show/event.  Unique combination of being a Performer/ Teacher/ Instructor and Choreographer.

About the Instructors

Preeti, Creative Director of BollyZONE, has been dancing since childhood. Her passion for dancing started off with enrollment at a local Bharat Natyam Academy. This further led to a series of dance performances and sparked more interest in fusion dance, which blends elements of both classical and modern styles. This passion continued through school and college, whereby Preeti was involved with numerous dance performances and choreographed routines. Preeti moved to the Bay Area in 2001 and pursued her passion by performing with some of the leading dance troupes. She joined one of the bay area groups in 2003 where she was actively involved with instructing / teaching choreographed dances. She was also actively involved “behind-the-scenes” for any in-house production /show/event. She has actively participated in numerous shows all around the Bay Area.  
Her personal passion is clearly reflected in the dance routines…. Enthused by her energy and sheer spirit. She firmly believes that Dance is easy… it’s just a matter of coordinating dance movements while understanding body rhythm. The unique combination of fitness and fun is what drives people to truly enjoy an hour long class….. thus sweating and feeling good at the end of it all.  She’s a Performer/ Teacher/ Instructor and Choreographer. 

Vijay, Founder of BollyZONE has harnessed a passion for dancing since early years. He joined one of the bay area groups in 2003, where he started out as a student and later on graduated into instructing / leading classes for BollyAerobix, catered towards an aerobics workout. He helped coordinate most of the in-house show productions. Vijay has performed at various events across the bay area. He's a performer/ Teacher/ Instructor and Choreographer.

Titly Saha, newest Instructor to join BollyZONE. More details to follow.

Mariette Gilles, newest Instructor to join BollyZONE. More details to follow.

Mandana Khoshnevisannewest Instructor to join BollyZONE. More details to follow. 

Dancing at BollyZONE

At BollyZONE, we currently provide 2 models (BollyCARDIO and BollyDANCE) that are well suited to meet the ultimate objective…. Staying / dancing fit. 

BollyCARDIO, (still offering this) as the name suggests is an interesting combination of Bollywood dance moves presented in an aerobics format to a mix of Bollywood songs (previously taught).  In this format, each class is broken down into 2 parts, aiming at providing a well-rounded workoutEach class lasts for approx 45-50 minutes.
The FIRST part focuses on stretching and transitioning from stage 0 to Stage 10, gradually and slowly. This Part lasts for approx. 25 minutes, starting with a warm up routine and ends with a quick cool-down sequence.
The SECOND part focuses on building energy / stamina. This Part lasts for approx 25 minutes, jumping into the song sequence and finally ending with a slow cool down process. All routines are choreographed and similar to sequences taught before, but repetition is frequent thereby simplifying the fitness objective. 

For returning students, this is another way to recap previously taught sessions. Here, students will follow the instructor (as in any aerobics class). This gives a chance to learn cool Bollywood Dance Moves. No prior experience in dancing required. 

Class open to Teenagers and Adults. Cost: $10 for drop-in; $50 for 5 classes; $100 for 10 classes.

Join this class for a Heart-Thumping, Hip Shaking, Dance Grooving, Foot Stomping, Hand Swaying and most importantly Calorie Burning workout. Students are known to burn anywhere between 300-500 calories  during this workout. 

So all you Aerobics fans... this is the time to join the class and feel the BEAT & GROOVE dancing to a mix of 8+ songs in this 50 minute workout.

BollyDANCE (Discontinued) is grooving to an entire Bollywood song or a mix of 2-3 songs, implementing blended routine sequences catering to both Indian/ Western dance styles. Here students will learn the fundamental moves of Bollywood dance. The focus in class (irrespective of levels) is coordinating dance movements, understanding the significance of body discipline and rhythm and most importantly having fun in class! This is mostly instructional based. Class is open to all levels, prior dance backgroung not  required.

All classes will start with a warm up that focuses on stretches and toning and end with a cool-down routine. Each class is an hour in duration. At the end of the class, students feel that they have received the much needed workout and learnt new Bollywood dance moves. This is also a calorie burning class, whereby students dance and feel fit. 

Class open Teenagers and Adults. Cost: $120 for 10 classes.

Other services offered by BollyZONE Dance & Fitness

BollyPARTY (Discontinued)

Private /Birthday / House Parties: Contact for more details.

Weddings: Contact for more details.

BollyWORKSHOP  (Discontinued)

We conduct Bollywood Dance workshops in different regions/areas. If you're interested in having one in your area, please contact ( for more details. Dance workshops are conducted over weekends and last for 2-3 hours at a stretch.