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"I like BollyZONE because it's great exercise and the social environment is great as well.  I've met so many new people and I get a great work out" - Ami

"The reason why i like Bollyzone classes is becoz  for me it is a source of pure fun that i am having through the process of learning. Personally I always liked you as an instructor and found you to be a very good teacher who is knowledgable about her craft and patient with her students. The classes at Bollyzone are very structured but can also accomodate all levels of students. Keeping it at a professional level, you do add a personal touch hat makes the experience fun and enjoyable. My objective at Bollyzone is to learn bollywood dancing that i looove and enjoy doing and also to enjoy the whole experience. So if you ask me my goal has been met at all times. I look forward to each class and session. Ideally I would love to take this class 3 days a week for an ideal workout but due to lack of time it is not possible. My goal of learning bollywood dance is being met at every class and session and I am having so much fun at the same time. Where else can I get that other than at Bollyzone? I will be continuing at Bollyzone and can't imagine anything stopping me from doing that. I enjoy the class thoroughly and a lot of the credit goes to you. You are a wonderful teacher and I love being a part of your class. So thank you very much". - Titly

"I like Bollyzone because dancing is more of an engaging way for me to exercise.  I like learning routines to upbeat music, new steps, and of course meeting new people.  I also really love the instruction.  Preeti provides a fun, non-stressful environment to dance in, which is good if you are self conscious about dancing in public :).  I feel that my objectives are mostly met in Bollyzone classes.  I had joined for exercise purposes, and I am definitely getting a work out in class.  Ideally, I wish I had time to take the class more than once a week. Thanks for providing a fun environment to exercise in, Preeti!  Love the class" - Urmi

"It is always fun, always something new style to learn, music is great and  it is the best exercise for both body and brain. I enjoy bollyzone very much" - Linda

"I enjoy your choreography and music, enjoy the physical aspect of the class, the camaraderie with the other students, the family like atmosphere, the 10 week performance goal, also appreciate you not focusing on the younger generation. I found that my age group felt very alienated in other classes as they definitely focused on the 20 somethings. Plus, this is cost effective too!. I will continue with Bollyzone till my knees give way :)" - Namita

"The credit goes all to Preeti. You make it a very enjoyable form of exercise. Your choreography/steps converts a person with two left feet into a dancer. My objective is to get exercise and this is a real fun way of doing it" - Rahat

"BollyZONE lives up to its "Fun n Fitness" tagline, helping me stay fit in an informal & fun environment.  I also love the fact that it seems less commercial than other similar organizations, with you & Vijay teaching all of the classes.  The classes are a great stress-reliever!. I have lost inches, and gained much more stamina since I joined."
- Meera

"Bollyzone is everything I could ask for! Fun, music, dance, exercise, ambiance, friends. I'm not exactly the treadmill type, and Bollyzone has given me a way to get in shape, while at the same time releasing all the stress in my life. The 1hr class just flies! It is the 1hr for myself when it seems that any problems in the day just fade away, after class it is just a different world! Preeti and Vijay just makes it so much fun and so easy, Preeti you are an amazing teacher! If you can make me dance, anybody can dance :-) I have lost so much weight and gained so much stamina, it is unbelievable!. Thanks for everything!" - Sonia

"#1:  Lot of fun learning dance steps.  Also, because it is taught by Preeti!. #2:  I feel more comfortable moving and shaking at social dance events now…but still have a looong way to go." - Amar

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    In the news:

    BollyZONE Events:
    • Sunday Adults class met for lunch in Mountain View (Castro St) after last class performance of Q3 2008.
    • Monday Adults class met for a mid-day snack at Yogurtland in Aug 2008.
    • Wednesday Adults met for dinner over Dosas & Idli/Sambar in Sep 2008
    • BollyZONE Ladies enjoyed their First NITE OUT at Club Avalaon on June 06, 2009; dancing to a mix of songs such as Desi Girl, Bachna Ye Haseeno, Love Mera Hit-Hit, Disco 82, Aaja Nachle, Yeh Mera Dil and many more.... Great turnout, approx 35 students.
    • Aug 16, 2009 - Sunday Class met for Lunch at Amarin Thai
    • BollyZONE Dance Party scheduled for Sep 2009... 100+ attendees... all in all a fun events where everyone joined in, including non-dancing spouses who enjoyed grooving to Bollywood music!
    • Nov 19, 2009 -- Wednesday class met at BJ's for dinner.
    • BollyZone performers danced to Desi Girl and Marjaani for a cultural show on Feb 06....this created a lot of buzz and generated sign-ups for next session.
    • BollyZone performers danced to Marjaani, Desi Girl, Zoobi Doobi and Hadippa for a Bengali cultural show on Oct 11, 2010
    • BollyZONE performers danced to Hadippa and Zoobi Doobi for a global multi-cultual show on Feb 05, 2011
    • BollyZONE performers danced to Munni Badnam, Anjaana Anjaani and Shahid Kapoor Medley for Bengali cultural show on Oct 02, 2011