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******Bollywood Dance Classes combining dance fitness and choreography with Bollywood Sizzles held at Bay Area, CA locations - Cupertino & West San Jose.

BollyZONE Dance & Fitness is a unique dance school providing high quality dance routines influenced by Western and Indian styles grooving to Bollywood songs. Our dance routines incorporate a vibrant fusion of Indian Classical, Bhangra, Salsa, Hip-Hop and Funk styles with a touch of pure Bollywood sizzles to top it all off!

BollyZONE Dance & Fitness offers - Instruction based dance moves grooving to Bollywood Songs.
The focus is coordinating simple dance movements, understanding the significance of body discipline and rhythm and most importantly having fun in class!

Here at
BollyZONE Dance & Fitness, we aim at providing a friendly, fun-filled environment, where everyone can enjoy dancing. Whether you are looking for dance, cardio activity, social activity, meet different people, gain confidence, or just want to feel fit, BollyZONE Dance & Fitness
is the place to be.

Remember, Dance is easy… it’s just a matter of coordinating dance movements while understanding body rhythm. The unique combination of fitness and fun is what drives people to truly enjoy an hour long class….. thus sweating and feeling good at the end of it all. Watching people enjoy and have fun is truly worth rewarding!


Referral Program

  • Take advantage of our Referral Program (Friend / Family Referral) and receive $10 credit towards current session.
  • Avail of the Early Bird Discount program - applicable for currently enrolled students only.
Private Session/ Dance Workshop (NO Longer Offering this)
  • Inquire about our Private Sessions offered for Weddings and House/Birthday Parties and Private One-on-One tutoring.
  • Bollywood Dance Workshops offered on weekends.
Dance Party: (NO Longer Offering this)
  • Successful Dance party held in the month of Sep 2009. 
  • BollyZONE Annual Party held on Nov 13, 2010..... performances by star performers and class students!
  • BollyZONE Annual Party held on Feb 25, 2012.... active participation by students and spouses!

Come; enjoy the spirit of Dance, Register for a class today!